make your day easy with basic clothing

After years of getting frustrated with not knowing what to wear, I finally realized the problem: there's just too much stuff in my closet! There's so many mismatched clothing along with pieces that no longer fit, or fell apart and blah blah blah -- you understand.

I think sometimes we become so consumed in the latest trends. We think "Oh that's so cute, I've gotta have that!". Then a few months down the road -- maybe sooner -- you hate it. It doesn't match anything or it's out of style.

My point is, sometimes less is more. I'm learning now that it's better to invest in pieces that will actually last than to just buy cheap clothing to last a short while. So while I'm on this journey to rebuilding my closet, I am going to give you the best tips and tricks I've learned so that you can avoid dealing with the frustration 


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