how I finally lost weight after a year of trying everything!

Raise your hand if you love being in your birthday suit. See how many hands went up? Not many.

Why are we so vile towards our body? Spitting venomous words at ourselves saying how bad we look. Why is it that when we see even one dimple in our leg we lose it? Why must we have that exact hourglass shape? What happened to that childlike confidence we had?

I’ll tell you what happened. Society crammed as much information into our heads telling us who and what we should be. You’ve gotta be a size 2 if you want to be pleasing to the eye, but make sure you’ve got the voluptuous boobs and ass to look sexy; we don’t want you too thin now ya hear? Oh and grow your hair out until it’s mermaid long with waves cascading down. Your face has to be flawless but not like a cake face. Maybe you should try raw foodism, or veganism, vegetarianism, paleo. Better yet, just eat less and work out more. You’ll lose the weight then for sure.

It’s all bullshit. We’re constantly being fattened up with lies. That’s not who you are, au naturel. You don’t have to be a size 2 to be sexy. Shoot, I can be a size 12 or 14 in some stores and I still feel better than Beyonce sexy. Wear your hair how you want. Don’t fall victim to the long tresses trend. If you want short blue hair then go for it! Rihanna doesn’t change her hair for nobody right? 

Stop suffocating yourself. Let your inner genius out and let it shine baby! Don’t beat up on yourself because you don’t look like that “dream girl” on your vision board. In fact, take that shit down now. You are you. God created you exclusively. Think about it. There is NO other you in this universe. No one can twirl your hair like you do no matter how hard they try. No one can rock that outfit. And no one can look exactly like you. Stop trying to be normal. Fuck ordinary. It’s boring. Be you. That’s way more fun.

Why am I so vocal about this? You see, I stifled my true self for years. I was always trying to be someone I wasn’t. A fake. A phony. Completely made out of plastic. 

Last year I gained a massive amount weight. I loathed it because I no longer fit what society wanted (literally — the clothes I wanted to wear would not work with my body). I was supposed to be the size two with the hourglass shape, curves so deep, no car could get around em’, right? So, I declared I would get that body.

I tried everything ya’ll, literally. I did the juicing, the smoothies, heck I even went vegan AND vegetarian. I exercised like crazy. Elliptical, treadmill, the bike, strength training, cardio. Name it, I did it. And you know what happened next? I gained even more weight! Within that year I gained about 20 to 40 pounds!!

What was I doing wrong? I was trying to do what everyone else was doing — I was following the status quo. I could care less about what worked for me. I was just frustrated that my ass was getting rectangle flat, the cellulite valleys were deepening, and the kangaroo pouch on my belly seemed to be getting fatter. I had rolls on my back the size of buttery biscuits.

But then a change occurred. And not just your typical one degree evolutionary change. It was a revolutionary change! Somehow, some way, God led me to the most amazing women on this planet. Women who didn’t follow any specific way of eating. You know what they did? They did what felt damn good. If eating something made them feel energized, they would keep eating it. If it did the opposite, it got cut.

Even the exercising was different. It was more like “I feel like doing yoga today, so that’s what I’m going to do” or “Damn my legs are painful sore after that workout yesterday, let’s do arms!” or even “I’m up for a crazy upbeat workout today” — as they blast loud music. 

Doing what felt good for my body was the best change I could have ever made. I no longer look at a scale — I couldn’t even tell you what I weigh right now — but I could tell you one thing: my body has never looked better! I’ve never felt more confident. And heck yes I would wear my birthday suit anywhere!

These ladies, whether they know it or not have been a HUGE influence in my life. I’m not where I want to be yet with my body, but I know I’ll get there, and I’ll feel fucking damn good about it.

THE Ladies

Brenda-Leigh Turner. You can find this pretty lady here, here and here. Want all the juicy details from her? Get her book. You will not look back!

Zuzka. She made me realize that I don’t have to work out for 4 hours everyday. A super intense 20 minute workout get’s the job done and more. Find her here, here, and here. And to try her workout program, click here. 

Kristen Hedges. Her real, raw and honest posts make my spirit tingle. She’s straight up honest about her diet and she’s got the experiences to back it up -- and now she's got the cutest baby bump! Find her here and here.


  1. Beautiful post! This is really inspiring.

  2. Shenaye, this post is gold! I love how it's a very intuitive take on losing weight. Listening to your body. Ah, what an eye-opener. <3

  3. Thank you. I really needed this.
    Keep on the path you're on, you're going places!



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