how I quit the natural hair community & got my life and wallet back

No poo. Low poo. Co-wash. Curly Girl Method. It's an epidemic really.

Three years ago we were taught the old shampoo n' condition method. Today all of these new methods and formulas are being fired at us in a war of which method is the best. The world of super foods, oils and recipes are beginning to swallow each and every one of us up. Ever find yourself smearing avocado and banana on your hair hoping it doesn't harden and turn your hair into a banana loaf cake? I've been there too.

And it's all fun and games until your wallet starts running on E. Shit, curly girl life can get expensive! Not to mention who guilty the whole "natural hair" community can make you feel for not doing things "the right way". Like one time, I filmed a video of my hair regimen and got scolded for not detangling my hair the correct way. I mean, excuse me for doing MY hair the way I want to right?

It's madness I tell you! *insert the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland* And I fell for it, hard. I can't begin to tell you how much money I wasted buying into these different methods (it's been hundreds I'm sure).

And don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming these different methods. But there had  to be a change. I couldn't keep trying all of these new things and burning a hole in my pocket.

So I changed. I made my hair routine so simple and inexpensive that not only was my wallet ecstatic, but my hair actually began to heal (yeah, I didn't mention how fried it is from dyeing it -- ladies that is a big no no! -- don't bleach your hair, or use too much heat on it).

I stopped giving into the latest crazes. I decided to experiment, figure out exactly what worked for me, and then stick with it.

It took me a while to realize and accept that my hair was not like any of the young women on YouTube, that my hair was my hair, and it was amazing the way that it was, that I didn't have to use X and Y products on my hair because to be quite honest, my hair HATED it.

I love my hair, damage and all, and I am now on a journey to heal it from the inside out using methods that work for me.

I hope that you too will realize how special you are and how beautiful your hair is. You don't have to look like the girls on YouTube, or have type 3A hair or use Z and W products. Do what works for you, and work it!

I love you! You have no idea how much I appreciate your support and reading of this blog :)


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